Pickleball Lessons and Conditioning Programs

Our Vision

At Lori’s Wellness Loft, our personal trainers provide a positive, healthy, environment where you ALWAYS feel welcome.  Our supportive and knowledgeable personal training staff will  create an individualized program that will allow you to reach all of your health and wellness goals.  

Pickleball Lessons, Sports Conditioning, and  Weight Loss Programs

What was once considered a luxury is now a NECESSITY? How many of you have spent countless hours at the gym with no guidance, support or RESULTS??? Here at the Loft, our team of personal trainers, take the guess work out of your routine. Your personal trainer will design a  program that will meet your individual needs, getting you to your GOALS quickly and easily.

Nutrition Planning: Did you know your programs success relies 90% on your food intake? Our wellness coaches will design a food plan coupled with weekly weigh ins that will keep you motivated and accountable. When was that last time you were at your ideal weight? It is only a phone call away…

Choose from 3 Personal Training Wellness Packages

1. Personal Training

Summary of your  Personal Training program: 

All personal training  programs will include:susan-grace-south-jersey-headshots-lorif-13

~Your initial Strategy Session-(30-60 min) during this time your coach will discuss food and exercise challenges and concerns.

~Before pictures and measurements

~A monthly assessment session- At this visit your personal trainer will measure and test the clients strengths. The session will end with goal setting for the following month.

~ 2 weekly weigh ins

~ 2 weekly workouts with your personal  trainer where you may be in the studio alone or with a small group of clients depending on the time and day of your session.

$320/month for a 6 month contract.

2. Pickleball Lessons 

Weekly 60 minute sessions

Private Sessions 1-2 players $60 per player

Small Group Lessons 4-6 players $30 per player

Pilates Private and Duets call for pricing

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 Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

Accountability. It is so easy to get off track of your fitness routine if no one is there to hold you accountable. So many people buy a monthly gym membership and never go, or don’t go as much as they should. A personal trainer will hold you accountable and help you stay on track. Having a personal trainer will also cause you to make specific appointments to work out. Making a call to cancel an appointment is much more difficult then simply driving straight home from work instead of stopping at the gym first.

Motivation. A personal trainer knows how to motivate you in different ways in order to help you reach your goals. How many times have you gone to the gym and leave realizing you haven’t done what you planned to do? How many times have you stopped short of your desired repetitions? A personal trainer is there to motivate you to be the best you can be.

Nutrition Advice. Everyone knows that losing pounds or gaining muscle isn’t just about exercising but about what you eat as well. A personal trainer can help advice you on what diets are right for you and even offer recipes as well. The dangerous amount of unhealthy “diet” plans on the internet today can easily lead anyone in the wrong direction. A personal trainer can be that accountability as well so that you stay on track with your diet as well as your training by going over meal plans throughout each week.

Safety. Working out is not always regarded as a dangerous activity but at times it can be when working with heavy equipment and moving your body in ways that it might not be used to. Having someone there to spot you correctly is more important than you might think. A personal trainer will make sure that what you are doing is safe.

Accuracy. Along with safety becomes accuracy. While there are many exercise routines that you can pull from the Internet these days it doesn’t always guarantee that you are doing the exercises in the correct way. Working out is definitely an art and simply moving a single body part slightly can change the whole exercise and target a totally different muscle group. Having a personal trainer there watching you while guarantee you are doing the exercise right so that you can be safe and efficient.

Challenge. A personal trainer will help you challenge yourself safely. They are experts in knowing when you can advance your routine and by how much. Those that work out by themselves often stay on the same plane and therefore never gain anything or challenge themselves too much at once and hurt themselves while doing it. A personal trainer will keep you balanced and challenge you in order for you to advance yourself to reach your goals. 

Diversity in Routines. Do you ever stop working out because your bored? When you do the same routine repeatedly not only do you get tired of it but you also do not get the desired results. Switching your routine is the key in achieving optimum results and a personal trainer is never without a new exercise in mind.

Knowledge. A certified personal trainer has taken many classes and studied profusely in order to get where they are. They have acquired the knowledge necessary in order to get you the results you want in the quickest and most efficient way possible. A personal trainer knows the body and can help when you have a slight injury, need to stretch a certain area of the body, and of course when you are working out.

Encouragement. Changing your body is a struggling activity at times and it is common to feel defeated or discouraged at times. Having someone there to encourage you when you need it the most can make all the difference.

Goal Setting. Sometimes when people walk into the gym they have no plan or only a vague one. Additionally, they often have a goal in mind such as losing a certain amount of weight but have no idea how long it will take to accomplish this goal or what it takes to get there. Personal trainers are educated on how to set specific, measurable, and attainable goals. A good personal trainer can help to customize your personal goals and even align them with your lifestyle.

Our Mission:
At Lori’s Wellness Loft we take the broadest possible view of our clients health and wellness needs. By offering a multi-directional approach, our team addresses the client as a whole and offers assistance and guidance that will allow more health, vitality and EASE as a result.