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* 21 Days to a Happier Healthier You Home workout Program ( Digital Download)

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* Healthy Food Plan

* Daily Affirmations

* Daily Gratitude Journal

 * Unlimited Access at our Private Facebook Support and Accountability Group

 * 1 Free Private Stress Busting Coaching Call. Call must be booked within 7 days of your purchase.

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*”Upon turning 41 years old I basically hit a wall and needed to do something about my weight and appearance, but more importantly for my overall health. At that point I had exceeded 225 pounds for the first time in my life, from weight gained by gradually adding on a few pounds each year. I started with Lori’s Wellness Loft on the ‘Fit in 21’ program and my goal was to be in the low 200’s. After six months, and continuing with weekly workouts and follow-up at Lori’s Wellness Loft, I lost over 50 pounds! Not only do I feel better and look better, my overall health has improved. Over the six month period my border-line high cholesterol level dropped over 30 percent and my high triglycerides dropped nearly 60 percent, while I am now considered to be in the healthy range for each – I can only attribute this to the healthier lifestyle choices since working with Lori’s Wellness Loft. However, I will admit that initially I was skeptical that I would be able to stick with the program and lose the weight – but this has not been the case, all it takes is a commitment to a few minutes of exercise each day and making better dietary choices. I would emphatically recommend Lori’s Wellness Loft to anyone desiring to make a positive change in their lives – Lori and her team can provide the support, encouragement, and motivation to move you in the right direction.”

-Shawn, 41 years young

cbefore1cafter1*”I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into Lori’s Wellness Loft for our first day of Morgan’s Fit in 21. I was overweight, not in good shape, and unfamiliar with strength training exercises and techniques. From the start, our trainer, Morgan Mitchell, went out of her way to correct mistakes and make sure each exercise was performed properly. Most importantly, Morgan encouraged everyone in the class to exceed expectations. She did this in a fun way. Morgan also made sure that if you weren’t ready to undertake a specific exercise that she gave you alternative moves to perform that worked the muscle group. Morgan is the best!! I can keep telling you that, but the best way to see for yourself it to try one of her classes. I looked forward to all the classes, even if I ended up sore and exhausted afterward. Morgan helped me lose 14 pounds and 9 inches in 10 weeks. In these small classes you make new friends and learn so much about your body, nutrition, and strength training. I feel better, look better, and I am stronger– that is why I am taking another class with Morgan!”

-Cathy, 60 years young


cindy3cindy after*”I was brought to the Loft because I needed a lifestyle change. I was on a laundry list of meds and not even 40. My results from my physical was the final push that I needed. I’ve since used every service available here. Morgan’s yoga and personal training are great and Lori’s coaching and energy work are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. These girls rock! As a result, I’m off all my meds except for one and I look and feel one hundred times better. I look forward to all of my appointments and am now down 15 pounds and 12 inches. The girls there have a way of making you feel comfortable, happy, and reassure you with any of your doubts. I have a much more positive attitude about life and a confidence in myself I never had before. Even if you’re having a bad day 5 minutes in the Loft will change your day.”

-Cindy S.




sharon beforesharon after*”Back in September I decided that I was ready to make a change and finally lose weight. With Lori’s help and motivation I am now down 60 pounds and over 35 inches! My friends don’t even recognize me.  I Have never felt better or more confident. I have so much energy and stamina, I feel younger and stronger than ever. I love shopping again. If I can do it anyone can. Give Lori a call you will be glad you did.”

-Sharon, 46 years young







*”My mother and I were looking for a place to start practicing yoga when we found The Loft! I have been coming to yoga once a week with Morgan and feel as though I have benefited because my energy level has increased. I also feel more relaxed and focused. Once becoming involved in the services at the Loft you will feel the positive changes occurring in your life.”


*”What an experience! I thought I was going in for a massage for muscle pain and a sore neck but I really got a whole lot more. Thank you Lori, for your healing hands and powerful Reiki. I didn’t realize such simple touch could be so helpful in healing. I have to share that I am no longer a prisoner of my body! I plan on incorporating massage and Reiki into my healthy lifestyle practice. Thanks again for doing what you do so well!!”

-Cindi, 42 years young

*”Emotional health is crucial for overall health. My most recent experience with Lori at the Wellness Loft proved this to me more than ever.  I was having emotional  struggles and Lori could feel my inner turmoil before we even began our session.  We decided she would do a Theta Healing session.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.  Lori was able to get to the root of my personal struggles within my mind and heart. Lori’s Theta Healing allowed me to let go of the insecurities  I was holding on to.  It was life changing. Not only did I feel better, within hours of the treatment, my personal life began improving and has continued  to do so. My inner light was dim and holding me back, but Lori allowed me to let it shine bright again.”

-Ann B.

*”My dogs are my babies. And when they get sick I want them to feel better as soon as possible. Because they are not able to communicate what is wrong with them, it’s hard to figure out what’s the cause without running to the vet every time. Luckily, Lori has been able to help me on numerous occasions. When my girl came down with a nasty cough Lori was able to treat her with Reiki. Within a day it went from extreme to almost nonexistent.  She also helped my puppy with her separation anxiety after I went back to work. I’m not sure how she dialed into what they’re feeling but she’s very intuitive with their needs. I feel that Lori has become an essential member of both my dogs Healthcare team.”

-Rachelle W.

*”My dog Jackson was diagnosed  with cancer and I was devastated. He was treated with radiation and the medications were really taking a toll on him. I brought him to Lori for some relief. She got down on the floor with him and put her hands on him, that’s all. She felt exactly what he was going through and gave him whatever he needed to strengthen himself enough to get through the treatment he needed.  I’m not sure what exactly that woman does or has within herself to affect the individuals that need her help but I sure am happy she does. 9 months latter Jack is running around like a young pup. Thank you Lori for the love and support you continue to provide my entire family. We wouldn’t be the same if we had lost our boy.”

-Traci S.

*”I came to Lori’s Wellness Loft for Health Coaching due to my interest in a healthier lifestyle. I feel better, more energy and more well informed in the area of health and wellness. This is what my primary interest was. I recommend you speak with Lori to learn how her platform can improve your quality of life.”
-Adam, 32 years young

*”I have been seeing Lori for massage occasionally for several years. It would be good if I went more often – however when I do go I feel totally safe and secure and am usually able to really release issues that I have been hanging on to. She is an amazingly gifted professional. I love her combination of deep tissue work and Reiki. I would recommend Lori any day!”


*”I met Lori last year in September. I was faced with one of the most paramount changes in my life. This new medical diagnosis, in my eyes, was going to require not only medical care but self love. Lori embraced me both literally and figuratively from the day that I met her. She assists me with Reiki therapy as well as massage with energy work. I am emotionally stabilized and uplifted after each time I meet with Lori. The physical benefits reaped from her practice are irreplaceable. I recommend the Loft with Lori at the helm to all that I know. Do yourself a favor and practice self love this year.”

-Amy S., 34 years young

*”I was first brought into the Loft because I had just moved back to Hammonton and I was in search of a really good massage therapist.  Everyone told me there is no one better than Lori!  And everyone was right!  I proceeded to then become hooked on all of the services that Lori provides at the Loft.”


*”At Loris wellness loft you will always experience a positive energy there, Loris brings a very comforting and positive energy with her always, the Loft has a very comforting and relaxed atmosphere. She is very talented in her skills I have benefited greatly in so many ways over the past 7 years. With the many different types of healing massages she offers, Reiki, Yoga and several work shops, I have always gained a sense of well being, healing within, energy and a positive outlook in life after any service I received. I Love Lori and what she offers, it just comes natural with her and that is why it’s always a unique experience at the Loft. I hope everyone can experience and gain for them self what I have always gained when I visited Lori’s Wellness Loft.”

-Shari, 50 years young

*”I never knew Lori’s Wellness Loft did massages, I always thought she was just a personal trainer. I found out she did massages when I went to the Fall Festival at Blueberry crossing and I got a $10 chair massage. It felt so good I signed up for the 4 week Healing Reiki Massage Series. I always have gotten massages in the past at other places but I never realized the benefits of a Reiki Massage. I had a pain in my left side for years which many doctors could not explain. After my second visit with Lori….. the pain was gone. Maybe that is why the Japanese Culture is so healthy because they use the therapeutic massage instead of medicine!”

-Robin R., 51 years young

*”I can remember last July being at the carnival and running into Lori’s sister, Traci. I was telling her how horrible I felt and how depressed I was.  She told me “Go See Lori @ the Wellness Loft” she can change that!  I made the call to Lori August 14, 2012 was the day I decided to change my life.  We talked, I cried and she gave me the hope I needed to try.  At 234lbs what did I have to lose?  After the first week of exercising and eating healthy I dropped 7lbs. Lori gave me eating advice and her  21 Days to a Happier, Healthier You program, both of which had changed my life.  I went from being completely sedentary to working out 6 days a week.

The benefits are endless!  As of today, I have dropped 42 lbs and 47 ½ inches.  I have more energy and I don’t sleep 20-22 hours anymore.  I have replaced the all day no sleeping with exercising and I Love it!  While I still have another 40 lbs to lose, its okay.  I went from a 22-24 size pants to a 16-18 and I even wore one of my daughters shirts XL(I was originally 3X)!

When I started this journey I was considered pre-diabetic.  My sugar was 121 and my Alc was 6.2.  I was scared and motivated enough to lose the weight.  As of today, 42lbs down, my sugar was73 and my ALC was 5.6.  Which means I am no longer heading for diabetes!!!  My Cholesterol was perfect for the first time in years too and I want to keep it that way.

I would tell anyone who wants to lose weight to go see Lori!  She is not only inspiring but she is loving , caring, and compassionated! She only wants to see you succeed and REACH YOUR DREAMS!!!!! I can defiantly say that I am more confident since losing the weight.  I want to reach my desired goal and try to inspire others to eat healthy and exercise!  It’s a wonderful thing to be healthy!!”

-Lisa S., 42 years young

*”I came to a point in my life where I needed an extra push. Everytime I enter the Loft it is a positive experience. Lori exudes positive energy, I love starting my day with her. As a result of training with Lori, I have gained strength, lost inches and become stronger and more balanced…both body and mind. I try to have a positive thankful attitude. However, Lori’s coaching has brought me to MORE positive level of daily thinking. She works hard with each individual to provide them with the tools they need. I have currently achieved all of my goals and am happy that I chose the Loft for my coaching needs!”

-Beth, 48 years young

*”My friend looks awesome, when I asked her what she was doing, she referred me to Lori’s Wellness Loft. Joining the Loft is the BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MYSELF! I am currently down 20 pounds and over 13 inches. I NEVER used to exercise…now I LOOK FORWARD to my workouts and riding my bike when I am not at the loft. Thank you all for all of your patience with me.”

-Chris, 48 years young

*”I was referred to the loft by a friend who lost 50 pounds with Lori. Since I had a hard time getting rid of excess weight and toning  I joined her coaching program. In one month I lost 5 pounds and 12 inches! I feel more in control of what I eat and what I need to do to stay within the program. I highly recommend her program for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up.”

-Gloria, 70 years young

*”If you are trying to drop those last 10 pounds or need to get into that sexy black dress for your reunion the Fit in 21 Level 2 program is a WIN WIN.  Over the years, I have always tried out the current fitness craze, looking for new, effective ways to keep my body in shape.   Lori’s 21 minute program makes it so easy to stay on track. Her unique approach which incorporates  daily affirmations, and gratitude statements, really change the way you think and feel .  I can exercise while traveling and eat at any restaurant and still see great results. Now at 41 I am in the BEST shape of my life! People can’t believe that I Have 2 small children. Thank you Lori, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Chrissy, 41 years young

*”They say Ponce Deleon  discovered the fountain of youth.  I have found my personal fountain of youth at Lori’s Wellness Loft.I sought out her services to help me heal issues that my doctors hadn’t been able to remedy. We started my treatments with Reiki, Therapeutic Massage and Energy Medicine. I immediately had relief after the FIRST treatment!  I thank God for leading me there. May he continue to bless her and her healing work.”

-Allen, 64 years young

*”I love your classes!! They help me get out of the house and take care of myself.”


“Meeting Lori has changed my life for the better in such a profound way. She has the amazing ability to really listen to your specific needs to help you change based on your lifestyle. Lori understood exactly what I needed and gave me the tools to integrate them into my lifestyle. She is very real, down to earth and gets what life is like being a busy working mother. I learned how to eat healthy and exercise. As my confidence grew, I began to explore other areas that Lori is involved in. I participated in Health Coaching.  I am also a massage therapy client. Lori’s Reiki and Energy medicine treatments are amazing and have truly helped me with my sinus and anxiety issues. I also participated in her level 1 Reiki training. I have successfully maintained my weight loss and continue to exercise and incorporate her teachings into my healthy lifestyle. For me, having her in my life has been an altering life experience.”


*”Lori’s 21 Days to a Happier, Healthier You body transformation program was fun, effective and just long enough for a busy schedule.  I especially liked the daily inspirational messages and internet communication.  Both kept you focused on your objective.”


*”As a regular bimonthly client of Lori’s I would like to say, she is more than qualified ot handle whatever physical, emotional or spiritual pain you are experiencing.  Her vivacious personality and open heart create a winning combination to aid you in your healing process.  Establishing a safe environment for you to relax and let go into your deepest state of mindfulness.  I refer many family and friends to her practice and believe in her work whole heartedly.”


*”Taking care of my body is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Lori  is a big part of the team of professionals that keeps me going at peak performance.  If I were a racecar, then Lori would be my crew chief.  If you want to feel the best you can feel, do yourself a favor and give Lori a call, you’ll be glad you did.”


*”I had a baby and wanted to try the 21 Days to a Happier, Healthier You program to lose the baby weight. Since being at the Loft I’ve lost 5 pounds and 10 inches in 3 weeks and I feel great! Thanks to Lori for all of the help with my diet and exercise plan- I’ve never worked out before this. I’ve learned that I can exercise and enjoy it. I also was taught how to make changes to my diet, and to only eat when I was hungry. I stopped snacking because I was bored or upset. I’ve lost 5 pounds and 10 inches, and I’m not stopping there!”

-Brooke M.

*”Lori and her Wellness Loft are excellent! Very clean, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere. I came to Lori with severely inflamed muscle spasms in my lower back and just 4 massages later, they’re gone! I went from having trouble moving around while doing everyday tasks to better than ever and back to my old self! I would most definitely recommend this place for anyone in need of a thorough and therapeutic massage.”

-Gabrielle D.

*”I’ve always wanted to try yoga and after much researching my daughter and I found the Loft! I have noticed since I have started yoga that my health issues have improved and I also feel less stressed. The Loft is a very comforting place, the instructors are great! I love it!”


“I came to the loft via watching Lori on a  Zoom presentation.

I knew I was not positive and mostly negative and I wanted to change. I have experienced Health and Life Coaching with Lori and it has since changed me. I started with a negative, depressed attitude. The class was a journey like Ventricular Fibrillation.

I learned to stop and think, evaluate first and make better choices. I had my stagnant moments but by the end I feel BETTER and more in control. I learned meditation and Energy Medicine for self care.

I researched more and in the end I am so much better. During this 10 weeks I was fired from my job and now look forward to a better future. I would tell a friend or loved one who may want to try one of the Loft’s services to do it!”


*”I first came to the Loft because I needed a program for weight loss and was in great need to begin an exercise program due to arthritis and past injuries. I started out doing personal training and it has been an excellent experience. The exercise program is individualized to your specific needs by a certified trainer. I have also gotten Reiki sessions with Morgan and they have been great after injuring my knee and back. The sessions have been relaxing and healing.

Due to personal training I have lost 14 inches in body measurements in 3 months! The Reiki sessions have helped me to regain movement in my knees, legs, back, and hip after an injury. I would most definitely recommend the Loft for weight loss and massage/reiki sessions! The staff is personable and willing to work with you if you do have medical problems.”


* Results may vary from person to person.

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