One Call Could Change Your Life!

Could one call change your life? img_1883
Are you someone who…
Is always last on your list?
Knows what to do but just can’t get it together and lose those extra pounds and inches?
Needs a quick and easy approach that fits into your busy life?
Wants to look and feel better than you have in years?
21 Days to Happier, Healthier You!
Our one of a kind holistic coaching program is the perfect solution for you.
This unique coaching system will transform the way you think and feel thus allowing you to create the body and life you have always dreamed of.



Healing From The Inside Out

Emotional health is crucial for overall health. My most recent experience with Lori at the Wellness Loft proved this to me more than ever.  I was having emotional  struggles and Lori could feel my inner turmoil before we even began our session.  We decided she would do a Theta Healing session.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.  Lori was able to get to the root of my personal struggles within my mind and heart. Lori’s Theta Healing allowed me to let go of the insecurities  I was holding on to.  It was life changing. Not only did I feel better, within hours of the treatment, my personal life began improving and has continued  to do so. My inner light was dim and holding me back, but Lori allowed me to let it shine bright again.

Ann B


rachellewMy dogs are my babies. And when they get sick I want them to feel better as soon as possible. Because they are not able to communicate what is wrong with them, it’s hard to figure out what’s the cause without running to the vet every time. Luckily, Lori has been able to help me on numerous occasions. When my girl came down with a nasty cough Lori was able to treat her with Reiki. Within a day it went from extreme to almost nonexistent.  She also helped my puppy with her separation anxiety after I went back to work. I’m not sure how she dialed into what they’re feeling but she’s very intuitive with their needs. I feel that Lori has become an essential member of both my dogs Healthcare team.

Rachelle W


I met Lori last year in September. I was faced with one of the most paramount changes in my life. This new medical diagnosis, in my eyes, was going to require not only medical care but self love. Lori embraced me both literally and figuratively from the day that I met her. She assists me with Theta Healing,  Reiki  as well as massage with energy work. I am emotionally stabilized and uplifted after each time I meet with Lori. The physical benefits reaped from her practice are irreplaceable. I recommend the Loft with Lori at the helm to all that I know. Do yourself a favor and practice self love this year.

Amy S


Lori and her Wellness Loft are excellent! Very clean, friendly, and relaxing atmosphere. I came to Lori with severely inflamed muscle spasms in my lower back and just 4 massages later, they’re gone! I went from having trouble moving around while doing everyday tasks to better than ever and back to my old self! I would most definitely recommend this place for anyone in need of a thorough and therapeutic massage.

Gabrielle D


My dog Jackson was diagnosed  with cancer and I was devastated. He was treated with radiation and the medications were really taking a toll on him. I brought him to Lori for some relief. She got down on the floor with him and put her hands on him, that’s all. She felt exactly what he was going through and gave him whatever he needed to strengthen himself enough to get through the treatment he needed.  I’m not sure what exactly that woman does or has within herself to affect the individuals that need her help but I sure am happy she does. 9 months latter Jack is running around like a young pup. Thank you Lori for the love and support you continue to provide my entire family. We wouldn’t be the same if we had lost our boy.

Traci S

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