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 Workshops and Clinics

Here is a list of impactful seminars that can be of value to your clients and staff.

  1. Mindset Makeover- Learn how to change your thoughts and feelings to create your desired result.

Leave this seminar with a clear action plan to realize your goals.

  1.  Self Love- Learn how to fill your cup with self care and self talk.

Learn a list of tools that you can use daily to help you love yourself.

  1. Natural Solutions for a Balanced Life- Stop burning the candle at both ends.

Learn how to set healthy boundaries and prioritize your life to reach your goals.

  1. Relaxation 101- Fill your arsenal with simple stress busting practices that allow you to always show up as your BEST SELF.

Learn how to self soothe when you are feeling stressed and exhausted.

  1. 10 Ways to Create more Happiness – Did you know Happiness is a choice?

Learn how to change your negative self-talk and views to reflect a happier  positive outlook now.

  1. Healthy Meal Prep- If you aren’t prepared you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Learn how easy it is to prepare simple healthy meals and snacks for the entire family. 

  1. Vision Board Class. Got goals, want to create something better? Plan it out and hold yourself accountable with this fun project.Create your board in class.
  2. Confidence 101. Confidence is a practice.

Learn how to change thoughts and behaviors to reveal a stronger, more confident you.

  1. Meditation 101. Can’t Quiet your mind?

Learn how to take baby steps to find your calm.

  1. Pickleball Team Building and Clinics- Get your employees moving with this easy to learn fun sport.

Clinics will provide a positive safe environment to learn: Rules, fundamentals, scoring, fun drills and games to get your groups up and outside.

Other seminars created upon request.

  All Wellness Workshop training classes will be held ON SITE or Via Zoom at each facility.

All Pickleball Clinics will be held at your location or at an agreed public court.

8 Students are needed per clinic. In the event that we rent indoor space for Pickleball clinic, that fee will be added to the total bill.  The company/client will be responsible for payment.


Wellness Workshops- 90 min sessions  

 This course requires no more than 8 students.

 Payment to be made at time of booking to secure your desired date and time.   

 Proprietary information

 Any information and materials utilized and disclosed by the vendor in these courses is the property of Lori’s Wellness Loft and Pickleball Project and cannot be shared with other vendors.


 This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and there are no other terms or conditions applicable. Modifications to this agreement made only in writing and signed by both parties.

Did you know?

75% of healthcare spending is preventable

People who exercise or practice Yoga one time per week reduce their medical costs by 50%

Obesity is now considered a disease

1/3 of all Americans are considered obese

People who are obese are at greater health risk than smokers

Worksite health programs help improve lives, making them longer, healthier and more productive. There is mounting evidence that the leading cause of disease, disability  and premature death is potentially avoidable or at least controllable. Most injuries and conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers can be avoided with simple healthy lifestyle changes. Adults with multiple risk factors( smokers, drinkers, and those with sedentary habits) are more likely to be high cost employees in terms of health care use, absenteeism, disability and overall productivity. The worksite is where most adults spend half or more of their waking hours. The cost of health promotion in the work place is minimal. For about the cost of a holiday party or an installation of new carpet, small businesses can offer a low cost high value employee benefit that will have a powerful impact on an individuals health.


BENEFIT 1- Improve your Company and the Bottom Line

The annual per capita increase in medical expenditures and absenteeism associated with obesity ranges from $450 to $2,500 per obese person.

People who exercise 1-2 times a week cost $350 less per year in health care costs.

Health care costs are rising 13-15% annually.

Disability claims  for workers compensation in 2006 totaled over $ 87 billion.

BENEFIT 2- Improve Productivity

Promoting wellness is an investment in human capital. When employees are in good physical and psychological shape, they are more likely to be on the job and preforming well. A companies productivity depends on an employees wellness.

Benefits to Employer

Attract optimum employees in a competitive marketplace.

Reduce absenteeism/lost time.

Improving on the job decision making and on the job utilization.

Improving employees morale and fostering stronger organizational commitments.

Reduce employee turnover.

Reduce organizational conflict by building a reservoir of good will towards management.

Benefit 3- Lower Health Care Costs

Preventable illness makes up 70% of all health care claims. Many of these claims are linked to health habits, which could be corrected through the implementation of a health promotion program.

Yearly Health Care Claims of unhealthy people:

High Blood Pressure $ 1,240

Sedentary Lifestyle $1,250

Stress  $1,350

Smoking $1,462

Obesity $1,500

Reduce your companies health care premiums by having healthier employees.

Our Programs

Stress Buster Day– Includes  one 60 minute wellness interactive group seminar that teaches simple practical tips that your staff can start to apply to reduce stress immediately.

2 hours of Chair massage

Program cost $450

Transformational Coaching Day– Includes two Mindset Makeover 60 minute group seminars that teach  simple and effective techniques that can immediately be applied to  create more health and well being.

Meditation 101 Class– This class will begin with simple the benefits and the Why behind Meditation.

Class includes simple breath work techniques. Your instructor will guide you through a Guided Meditation that will leave your staff feeling  stress free. Reiki Healing may be added for an additional fee.

Program cost $499

Chair Massage can be added for $120 per hour and a $25 travel fee per therapist

Weekly Wellness Classes– $200 per hour 10 week minimum

Hourly Chair Massage or Reiki- $120 per hour

$25 Travel fee per therapist