To Stick With a Workout..

“To stick with a workout you need to find a community and a teacher you really vibe with.

There needs to be another purpose than just having a better body.”

Lori’s Wellness Loft is so excited to introduce its new class, Sweat Camp. At the Loft, our fitness classes are about so much more than getting a better body. In Sweat Camp, we focus on getting healthy, finding happiness, and having a good time. At the Loft, you will not be told to simply work out and leave. In Sweat Camp, you will find a group of people who are experience the same emotions and experiences as you. You will find friends to help you and get you through, helping you much more than you ever could yourself. Recipes are shared, tips to help you eat better, new workout moves are shared. You need to have something that motivates you to be able to stick with a workout. In Sweat Camp, you will find the motivation that you need.

Free class is Monday, March 15th from 6-7pm

10 week series starts Monday, March 22nd from 6-7pm

Clients are able to sign up for the series for one or two days a week.

One day a week- $199

Two days a week- $299

Please call for questions and registration, 609-561-5674


What is Aroma Freedom Technique?Aroma Freedom Technique

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a simple process designed to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. Simply put Aroma Freedom Technique is a process that allows you to access limiting beliefs that are subconsciously holding you back or blocking you from realizing your goals and aspirations.
Do you feel stuck?
Do you have dreams of achieving something great?
Do you start a something and then quit because you feel defeated?
Do you feel that life is just too challenging and complicated?
Do you just give up and settle for a mediocre life?
Why does this happen???
How do some people cruse through life with ease while others struggle with everything.
Hint the solution is closer than you think….
Your thoughts and feelings govern everything.
Negative THOUGHTS; create negative FEELINGS, which create negative RESULTS.
FREE YOURSELF from what is holding you back with Aroma Freedom Technique.
Discover radiant health, fulfilling relationships, and finances with Aroma Freedom Technique.
Now you can finally live the life you deserve.
Call today to book your treatment. Results guaranteed 609-561-5674

Aroma Freedom Technique

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is Simple, Gentle, and Profound

Aroma Freedom Technique uses the power of scent to gently shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories. Aroma Freedom Technique will initiate a positive outlook and attitude.  This results in greater confidence and inner freedom.  When we are no longer stuck in negative mindsets we are free to create the life we desire.

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is designed to help you be your best self. Using a blend of aromatherapy and coaching, the Aroma Freedom Technique releases emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your hearts desires and achieving your dreams.

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is Simple, Gentle, and Profound


Aroma Freedom Technique uses the power of scent to gently shift awareness away from negative thoughts, feelings, and memories. Aroma Freedom Technique will initiate a positive outlook and attitude.  This results in greater confidence and inner freedom.  When we are no longer stuck in negative mindsets we are free to create the life we desire.

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is designed to help you be your best self. Using a blend of aromatherapy and coaching, the Aroma Freedom Technique releases emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your hearts desires and achieving your dreams.

I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Lori Flickinger and I am a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach at Lori’s Wellness Loft. I have twenty-one years experience working in the Health and Wellness field and wanted the opportunity to meet with you or your office manager to discuss my Stress Reduction and Weight Management coaching programs.

I help individuals, corporations, and small businesses achieve a greater level of health and wellness with my unique multidirectional holistic approach.

I would love to stop in and offer you a Free trial AFT session or lunch and learn, so you and your staff can experience my work and feel the benefit yourself. I only need 20-30 minutes of your time. Please call me at (609) 561-5674 to schedule your complementary individual or group coaching session. I guarantee my process and look forward to meeting you and your staff.

Seminar topics include but are not limited to:

Stop sabotaging your life with NEGATIVE SELF TALK

Free yourself from WEIGHT LOSS pitfalls.

Create a STRESS FREE Workplace.


Overcome the OBSTICLES that are keeping you from your goals.

Realize That You Are Deserving Of All That You Desire

I was recently asked by one of my clients, “What do you think is your most common request when women enroll in your wellness programs? Do they want smaller hips, flatter abs, more defined arms?” After some thought I said no. These might seem like common requests, but the truth is very different.  Women come to me because they want to feel a certain way. How is it possible that on Wednesday you feel thin and by Friday you feel fat?? Your weight has not changed, but your thoughts have. How can we change the way we are thinking so that we will feel better about ourselves? Whatever the feeling you are trying to capture whether it is strength, confidence, youth, or joy it all starts with your thoughts. Isn’t it true that life is all about how you feel as you travel along your path?  So how can we change the way we think in order to get the desired result?? We need to shift our attention to what is real and what is true and forget about all of the rest.


I will tell you what I tell every one of my clients, no one is overweight because they are hungry. I laughed when one client said that she had not felt a hunger pang for the last 10 years. Why couldn’t she realize her weight loss goals??


What we need to realize is that there are many factors that contribute to our weight issues: stress, poor diet, and inactivity all play a roll. My feelings are that the single greatest contributor to women today being overweight is that they simply don’t put themselves first. Why? Why aren’t we deserving of the excellent care that we give to our children? Our spouse? Or career? Who said, “If you neglect your most important need, that of self care and self respect, we will better serve others?” How could we possibly be of any service to others, when our foundation is weak?  We as mothers are responsible for setting the example for the whole family. For the most part we are buying the food, preparing most of the meals and setting the entire schedule for the whole family. Why shouldn’t we have success if we institute a positive lifestyle change? Believe me moms if you use the proper techniques when introducing something new in the home everyone will follow.


So how do we make some subtle change that will lead to remarkable positive advances?

  1. Start the day on a positive note. Try a book of quotes that empower you to make the changes you desire. Post your daily quote somewhere on your desk where you will see it often. This will help redirect you when you slide off track.
  2. Make small changes at home regarding meal planning and healthy activities. Try adding one new food a week, maybe a mango, or a spaghetti squash. Have the kids help prepare the meal or snack with you, they will be more likely to eat foods that they are involved in preparing. If they don’t like the new cuisine, don’t lose hope, keep on trying some children need multiple exposures to a new food before they will try or like it.
  3. Make activity time a fun time. Who said you have to do a workout video or go to the gym to get some exercise? Take the kids outside after dinner and play a game of basketball, tag, tennis, or walk to the park and play on the equipment as a family. You will be surprised at how enjoyable and therapeutic this time can be for all involved.

4.Take the time to get quiet with your thoughts and ask yourself the question “What needs to happen to make today a success?” Listen for what comes up and then follow through. No one knows what you need better than you!

5.Reward yourself for a job well done. No matter how small your accomplishment may seem, give yourself a big pat on the back. When is the last time you really gave yourself praise for making the necessary changes to reach your goal? Once a week or month give yourself a bigger reward like a new book, a massage, or evening out with friends. Realize that there is no dress rehearsal in life….stop waiting for change to find you. Make the decision to go after all that you desire right now!


Need help? Come in for a health coaching or personal training session! Call us, (609) 561-5674.

Deep Condition Your Hair Naturally

Nobody has perfect hair, especially in the winter. Our hair gets, course, dry, thin, and frizzy. Our daily conditioner helps, but it is not always enough. With all the product that we put in our hair each day combined with the heating tools we use it can wreak our hair. Deep conditioning allows the hair to really soak so it is much more effective than a simple in shower condition. There are thousands of different deep conditioning products ranging inexpensive to extremely pricey. Often, these products contain many chemicals that we don’t necessarily want, or more importantly, need, in our hair. In my opinion, if you can go natural, do it. Coconut oil is one of the best oils you can use to deep condition your hair. Coconut oil contains many proteins not found in other hair oils. Its low molecular weight helps it to seal the hair, which helps it retain its natural moisture, and reinforces the hair fiber, making it stronger. There are also helpful E and K vitamins that boost hair and scalp health. The antibacterial and moisture properties in the coconut oil protect the scalp against itchiness and infections, helping hair stay healthy and dandruff free. So, let’s get started!

You will need about two hours (give or take how long it takes your hair to dry), organic coconut oil, one bowl, a blow dryer, shower cap, and (optionally) rosemary and lavender essential oil.

Rosemary oil is good for avoiding dandruff, encourages hair growth, and strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles.

Lavender oil is slightly antibacterial but also helps improve penetration for the oils.

–       Wash your hair with shampoo and let it air dry

–       Scoop out your coconut oil in the smaller bowl, I recommend about ½ cup

Bonus: add 4 drops each of rosemary and lavender

–       Massage oil into your dry hair starting at the bottom where it is most dry, use less getting closer to the roots


–       Once you’ve finished applying the oil to all of your hair, put a shower cap over it

–       Leave the shower cap on for at least 30-40 minutes

Bonus: Blow dry your hair over the shower cap for about 10 minutes to increase effectiveness

–       Once the time is over, shampoo your hair to remove the oil (you might need to shampoo twice) and condition using your regular conditioner

Bonus: I recommend applying a small dime sized amount of oil to the very tips of your hair afterwards

I recommend deep conditioning your hair every other week during the colder months, or at least once a month.

Do You Need To Change Your Workout Routine?

One of the more common struggles that my clients have told me was that when they just worked out by themselves or at the gym, they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t have a routine, or did have one, but were doing the same one over and over again. Doing the same routine every single week is eventually going to become easier and easier for you. However, this isn’t good. Repeating a routine will become easier, but it will also cause you to burn less calories and lower your results. You will start to plateau much quicker than if you continue to switch up your routine. The body adapts quickly, switching up your routine will keep things challenging, producing results.

Some good indications that your routine needs to change is if the results are no longer coming, your routine bores you, or it no longer seems challenging. Adding variety into your workouts can come in many different ways. You can change speed, weight, distance, time, elevation, introduce different exercises, drop sets, etc. Keeping yourself challenged throughout your workouts will make the results come.

Need help? Call now to find out about our group workout classes and personal training classes.

(609) 561-5674, or go to our “Classes” page on our website for a list of classes to drop in on.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Order or SAD is a type of depression that’s related to changes in the seasons. Most often, it starts mid-to-late fall and continues into winter. Many people suffer from a decrease in energy and an increase in moodiness. Although this disorder is common, it is incredibly preventable. The issue is that the causes to the symptoms are not often recognized.

One of the main reasons why people suffer from this disorder is the significant decrease in outside activity. Not only do people experience a decrease in fresh air but also in sunlight as well. The reduced level of sunlight in winter and fall disrupt your body’s internal clock or circadian rhythm. A drop in sunlight causes a slight drop in serotonin, a brain chemical that affects mood. A change in season also affects melatonin, which is involved in sleep patterns and your mood. When this balance is shifted, you can experience a decrease in the amount of sleep you get. Aside from the science of it, sunlight and fresh air simply uplifts your mood. A sudden change in this can trigger depression.

So, how do we prevent this? A big part of prevention is mental. Long, warm summer days being spent at the beach turn into short, cold, sunless days being spent at work. It is easy to get caught in a funk. Next time you are feeling this way try to think along the lines of, “the weather does not affect my mood” and “there are special and unique activities I can find joy in with each season”.

Start exercising and taking the time to be outside. Even if it’s only taking a quick ten-minute walk during the day, believe it or not it can significantly change your mood. Exercise increases neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids, which improve your mood and can ease feelings of depression.


Need help? Call us today to book or massage or to find out about any of our classes!

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How to Stay on Top of Your Diet and Exercise

Although it is easy to say that you want to start dieting and exercising, starting and continuing the practice is often a different story. You know the results that you want, but still, it is hard when changes aren’t consistently appearing before your eyes. However, though you cannot see these changes, they are coming about through every healthy habit you pursue. You must keep this fact, and many others, in your head if you wish to fully complete your goals.

First, it is vital to set realistic goals. It is common to fantasize your body in different ways, but it is necessary to realize what goals you can accomplish and the amount of time it will take to accomplish those goals. Next, make a plan. Make an effort to know what you need to do to accomplish those goals if that consists of making a list of foods you can/can’t eat, exercising a certain number of days a week or a specific amount of hours a day. Now that you have that plan, how can you make sure you stick to it? Set reminders on your phone, make lists, and make charts. Setting a reminder on your phone to maybe go for a run that day is not solely to remind you but also to make sure you do it. Take advantage of your phone to be your motivator, if you set it to remind you every hour of the day to go running after work, it might just motivate you to do that. Also, it can be very satisfying to mark something off on a list such as eating a certain amount of vegetables a day. Additionally, it is incredibly helpful to know what things and what people will help you and hurt you during this journey. If you constantly eat lunch with a coworker who eats junk food everyday, you might want to try a different lunch partner for the time being. If you watch a certain show that makes you crave bad foods stay away from that show. When I wanted to make it a goal of mine to go running at least five days a week, I made a specific playlist for myself to pump myself up for my run. I would play it on my way home from work or while I’m getting ready and I would automatically feel in the mood to accomplish my goal. Most importantly, keep it personal. Focus on what you want your journey to be. You know yourself better than anyone else, as long as you truly wish to complete these goals, they will eventually happen in due time.


Need further help? Try a Hetalth Coach or Personal Trainer!

or Join our Fit in 21 Program workout class starting January 9th, or our Slim Now group coaching class starting January 4th

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Running Safety Tips

Wear tight fitted clothing. Loose clothing can be easily grabbed, making it easier for you to be pulled away

2. Don’t wear your hair in a ponytail. Ponytails are an easy thing to grab from behind. Wear a bun, tuck your ponytail into a headband, or wear it low and tuck into your shirt.

3. Don’t wear headphones. Not only can you not hear someone running up behind you but you can’t hear cars either. Play your music out loud, or even wear just one earpiece.

4. Run against traffic. Do this so you can see the cars coming at you, and they can see you.

5. Alter your route. Don’t run the same route every day.

6. Run an open route. If alone, don’t run in back woods trails where there a little people and no public places around to hear you and help.


Your excuses are your own!

We all make excuses.

To busy…

To expensive…

To hard…

Stop believing your own nonsense, the truth is we all make time for things that we value. We make time for our children, spouses, jobs, but when it comes to LOVING OURSELVES it a whole other story.

Is it possible to carve out 1-2 hours a week just for you and your needs? The answer is ALWAYS YES.

SO HERE IS MY OFFER…I invite each and everyone of you to sample a class for FREE. That’s right, I said free because I am so sure that you will love what we are doing for our members. Simply call and register for the class or classes that you would like to test drive. Lets face it have you ever bought a car without first seeing if you like how it feels? Same here. Try out the Loft and see if it is a fit. I am sure that you will find amazing value in what we do.

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