You CAN get there from here

You CAN get there from here

Not sure why you can’t move forward?

Listen below for my 3 easy tips to get you moving in the direction of your goals.


You CAN get there from here!

An interaction with a client yesterday triggered a memory. She started off telling my why she couldn’t do all these things, she was just making excuses for basic things that she definitely knew how to do, and everyone else knew how to do. She was just making excuses as to why she couldn’t do it and I remember this thought came into my head “You can’t get there from here.” What she was telling me is that she can’t get to the goal from where she was.
So, I remembered something. Do you remember when we used to drive without a GPS or a cellphone, back in the 80’s? What happened when you got lost, what did you do back then? You stopped and asked someone for directions. I remember I was lost, and I can’t remember where I was lost but I stopped and asked a police officer for directions. A police officer was always the safest person you could go to and ask directions. And I remember asking him where this place was and he stood there and he scratched his head and he said “Yeah, you can’t get there from here.” I rolled my window up, because those were the days of rolling windows and I remember thinking “Are you kidding me, you can’t get there from here? You can get anywhere from anywhere.”
I want you all to think about, in your life, where you are telling yourself you can’t get there from here. That is the first limiting belief that we have got to squash go make you realize you can get anywhere from anywhere. You don’t have to go home and start over from your driveway.

Here are three of my tips that I would like to offer if you find yourself stuck feeling like you can’t move forward. I want to dispel that negative belief right now.

1. You have to be willing to start from where you are.
Everyone in life has come to an impasse where they had to start something but they felt lost, they felt unsure of themselves, they
felt like they didn’t have enough guidance but they did it anyway. I want you to think about this: When you’re driving in your car
your headlights only see about 50 feet in front of you, but you trust that your car is going to continue to show the next 50 feet
when you get to the end of the first 50. Think about that when you are jumping out of your comfort zone, you know you have to get
to that next step and then, course correct. So, #1: you have to start from where you are and move to action.

2. Ask yourself what is the next best move for me?
Think about this like chess. When you start off with that full board, you never know how the game is going to unfold. You make a
move and then you allow your opponent to make a move and then you decide. That’s life guys. You have to constantly make the next
best move and be willing to be flexible enough to course correct if you find that a different move may serve you better. So,
thinking that life is a game of chess you want to just make the next best move. What we normally do when we are scared or unsure
is, we stop, we quit. We stop doing anything and then nobody gets anything done, right? So, if you are somebody that set out this
new year to achieve something and you already quit, I want you to ask yourself this question, “How will I ever reach my goal?”You
can’t quit, you have to keep going. You have to have tenacious approach where no matter what happens you have to keep moving

3. Learn from others that have already done it.
People love to talk about their success. If you walk up to anyone that has done what you are trying to do and they don’t sense it as
competitive…for instance: I can walk up to somebody in the grocery store and say “Oh my gosh your hair looks so good, tell me how
you did it” or “Oh my gosh, you just lost so much weight, tell me what you did.” They will beam first, and then tell me every
single step they took to get there. People love to share their success with other people. If you are emulating somebody, or you
have someone out there that you have been watching or following ask them questions because they are going to help you. Everybody
inherently wants to help other people.

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