Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Controlled By these 5 Things

Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Controlled By these 5 Things

1 Your Past

  1. Other People’s Opinions and Judgments
  2. Your Limiting Beliefs
  3. Relationships
  4. Money


Your Past does not determine or control your future.  Don’t allow yourself to feel limited by what has already happened. Only you can control the decisions that will create your future. Break the pattern of negative thinking today.

Do not concern yourself with other people’s opinions or judgments. Live for YOU! Don’t allow anyone’s projections of fear, doubt or judgment deter you from your dreams. You are the only one that has to live and die with your choices and decisions. Decide what is important for you and go for it!

Don’t allow yourself to be controlled by your conscious or unconscious LIMITING BELIEFS. As the saying goes, “Whether you believe you can or can’t…you are right”

There is nothing you cannot do. You have unlimited potential. Anything that you believe is attainable is within your reach. The only thing that separates the ultra successful from the average person is their belief that they can do whatever they want.

Often we are our own worst enemy.

Remember when we have no enemy within…know one can bring harm to us.

Relationships should be healthy and supportive not draining. In the absence of a loving partner one must feel comfortable and at peace in their own company. If you need another to be complete…you will fail.

Don’t let yourself be controlled by Money or the lack of it. IF YOU ARE MAKING A DECISION BASED ONLY ON MONEY, IT IS THE WRONG DECISION.

This does not mean money is bad. Money is often used as an excuse that holds us back from making big moves in the direction of change or growth. Money can also be an illusion of that which will be the panacea for all of our worries. Money does not create happiness, we create happiness.

Instead of holding on to false beliefs that you are broke or that money doesn’t ever come to you. Simply place your focus on being of service and giving from your soul and the Money will come. It will come far easier than if you are always chasing a dollar.

Live with freedom, live fully, create your dreams! Need help? Call today for a mini discovery session and together we can make a change.


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