Belly Dance for a Happier Healthier YOU!

Belly Dance for a Happier Healthier YOU!

Belly Dance for a Happier Healthier YOU!

Alia has been teaching this art form for decades. It is her love and passion to share her expertise in Belly Dance with her students. She first studied belly dancing because, as an exercise, it requires no special place, equipment, clothing, or time. Belly Dance which is a  mind body activity, it can be practiced anywhere, anytime. Belly Dancing creates an intimacy with oneself physically. Two Belly Dance students of mine once stated they went to the gym to improve their bodies, but they went to  Bely dance class to celebrate their bodies’ perfection.

What is Vintage American Belly Dance?


Belly Dance combines unique movements originating from the core that  tone every major muscle group from the hamstring to the neck. Belly Dancing also  induces  a meditative effect keeping your mind young & agile. Belly Dancing promotes poise, self-confidence, and a positive body image. With an emphasis on isometrics and stretches, Belly Dancing stresses communication between mind and body. There are few limitations regarding a woman’s age, body shape, ability, or physical condition.

Dance makes you smarter!

Come to the Party!!


What is Vintage American Belly Dancing?

Benefits, Misconceptions, and Expectations


Curious?  Have questions?   Want to try it?

Bring your friends and come discover what it’s all about.



Lecture – Demonstration – Performances,

Free class * Wine & Cheese


Tuesday, September 26

6:30 – 9:00 pm


Unable to come but interested in attending belly dance classes

New Beginner Class

Tuesday, October 3    6:00 pm

10 weeks    $120

Call Alia at 609-413-4137



Lori’s Wellness Loft

609 -561- 5674

Blueberry Crossing, Hammonton nj




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