Belly Dance your way to optimal health.

Belly Dance your way to optimal health.

Have fun while bettering your health with Belly Dancing. 

Women between the ages of 15 to 75+ of varying experience  levels, from beginner to professional, who dance for fun and exercise.

Emphasis is placed on the joy of dance and the celebration of self-expression through movement .in a non-competitive environment.

Belly Dancing poses few limitations regarding a woman’s age, body shape, ability, or physical condition.

The majority of Belly Dancing students take class for its exercise value, for the pursuit of spiritual and energetic goals, or dancing just for fun.. Some attend for therapeutic reasons such as recovering from back injuries, hysterectomies,  etc. Others wish to become professional dancers. Whatever your goals, you will be able to arrange your dance studies to achieve them.


Explore   Your    Potential with Belly Dancing

You can change your life by changing your relationship with your body with Belly Dancing

  • Every woman can
  • Belly Dance!
  • Through empowering feminine movements you will
  • discover & explore a
  • positive body image


What to Expect

  • The main objective in a beginner’s course in belly dancing is learning to isolate movement to only one part of the body while practicing various foot paterns.
  • Belly dancing requires a unity between body and mind that most people have to learn. You will feel very silly & awkward when first learning. It often takes a few months before you become comfortable. Your learning ability will then accelerate dramatically. Once you achieve a movement, it will be yours forever.
  • You are encouraged to advance at your own rate during Belly Dancing class. Pay attention to your body and your needs, learn at your own pace.
  • Similar to yoga, mastery is not required to realize the benefits are felt almost immediately.
  • Join us every Tuesday Night at 6 pm

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