To Stick With a Workout..

To Stick With a Workout..

“To stick with a workout you need to find a community and a teacher you really vibe with.

There needs to be another purpose than just having a better body.”

Lori’s Wellness Loft is so excited to introduce its new class, Sweat Camp. At the Loft, our fitness classes are about so much more than getting a better body. In Sweat Camp, we focus on getting healthy, finding happiness, and having a good time. At the Loft, you will not be told to simply work out and leave. In Sweat Camp, you will find a group of people who are experience the same emotions and experiences as you. You will find friends to help you and get you through, helping you much more than you ever could yourself. Recipes are shared, tips to help you eat better, new workout moves are shared. You need to have something that motivates you to be able to stick with a workout. In Sweat Camp, you will find the motivation that you need.

Free class is Monday, March 15th from 6-7pm

10 week series starts Monday, March 22nd from 6-7pm

Clients are able to sign up for the series for one or two days a week.

One day a week- $199

Two days a week- $299

Please call for questions and registration, 609-561-5674

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