Realize That You Are Deserving Of All That You Desire

Realize That You Are Deserving Of All That You Desire

I was recently asked by one of my clients, “What do you think is your most common request when women enroll in your wellness programs? Do they want smaller hips, flatter abs, more defined arms?” After some thought I said no. These might seem like common requests, but the truth is very different.  Women come to me because they want to feel a certain way. How is it possible that on Wednesday you feel thin and by Friday you feel fat?? Your weight has not changed, but your thoughts have. How can we change the way we are thinking so that we will feel better about ourselves? Whatever the feeling you are trying to capture whether it is strength, confidence, youth, or joy it all starts with your thoughts. Isn’t it true that life is all about how you feel as you travel along your path?  So how can we change the way we think in order to get the desired result?? We need to shift our attention to what is real and what is true and forget about all of the rest.


I will tell you what I tell every one of my clients, no one is overweight because they are hungry. I laughed when one client said that she had not felt a hunger pang for the last 10 years. Why couldn’t she realize her weight loss goals??


What we need to realize is that there are many factors that contribute to our weight issues: stress, poor diet, and inactivity all play a roll. My feelings are that the single greatest contributor to women today being overweight is that they simply don’t put themselves first. Why? Why aren’t we deserving of the excellent care that we give to our children? Our spouse? Or career? Who said, “If you neglect your most important need, that of self care and self respect, we will better serve others?” How could we possibly be of any service to others, when our foundation is weak?  We as mothers are responsible for setting the example for the whole family. For the most part we are buying the food, preparing most of the meals and setting the entire schedule for the whole family. Why shouldn’t we have success if we institute a positive lifestyle change? Believe me moms if you use the proper techniques when introducing something new in the home everyone will follow.


So how do we make some subtle change that will lead to remarkable positive advances?

  1. Start the day on a positive note. Try a book of quotes that empower you to make the changes you desire. Post your daily quote somewhere on your desk where you will see it often. This will help redirect you when you slide off track.
  2. Make small changes at home regarding meal planning and healthy activities. Try adding one new food a week, maybe a mango, or a spaghetti squash. Have the kids help prepare the meal or snack with you, they will be more likely to eat foods that they are involved in preparing. If they don’t like the new cuisine, don’t lose hope, keep on trying some children need multiple exposures to a new food before they will try or like it.
  3. Make activity time a fun time. Who said you have to do a workout video or go to the gym to get some exercise? Take the kids outside after dinner and play a game of basketball, tag, tennis, or walk to the park and play on the equipment as a family. You will be surprised at how enjoyable and therapeutic this time can be for all involved.

4.Take the time to get quiet with your thoughts and ask yourself the question “What needs to happen to make today a success?” Listen for what comes up and then follow through. No one knows what you need better than you!

5.Reward yourself for a job well done. No matter how small your accomplishment may seem, give yourself a big pat on the back. When is the last time you really gave yourself praise for making the necessary changes to reach your goal? Once a week or month give yourself a bigger reward like a new book, a massage, or evening out with friends. Realize that there is no dress rehearsal in life….stop waiting for change to find you. Make the decision to go after all that you desire right now!


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