Do You Need To Change Your Workout Routine?

Do You Need To Change Your Workout Routine?

One of the more common struggles that my clients have told me was that when they just worked out by themselves or at the gym, they didn’t know what to do. They didn’t have a routine, or did have one, but were doing the same one over and over again. Doing the same routine every single week is eventually going to become easier and easier for you. However, this isn’t good. Repeating a routine will become easier, but it will also cause you to burn less calories and lower your results. You will start to plateau much quicker than if you continue to switch up your routine. The body adapts quickly, switching up your routine will keep things challenging, producing results.

Some good indications that your routine needs to change is if the results are no longer coming, your routine bores you, or it no longer seems challenging. Adding variety into your workouts can come in many different ways. You can change speed, weight, distance, time, elevation, introduce different exercises, drop sets, etc. Keeping yourself challenged throughout your workouts will make the results come.

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