Running Safety Tips

Running Safety Tips

Wear tight fitted clothing. Loose clothing can be easily grabbed, making it easier for you to be pulled away

2. Don’t wear your hair in a ponytail. Ponytails are an easy thing to grab from behind. Wear a bun, tuck your ponytail into a headband, or wear it low and tuck into your shirt.

3. Don’t wear headphones. Not only can you not hear someone running up behind you but you can’t hear cars either. Play your music out loud, or even wear just one earpiece.

4. Run against traffic. Do this so you can see the cars coming at you, and they can see you.

5. Alter your route. Don’t run the same route every day.

6. Run an open route. If alone, don’t run in back woods trails where there a little people and no public places around to hear you and help.


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