6 Natural Ways to Beat Muscle Soreness

6 Natural Ways to Beat Muscle Soreness

Walking, running, lifting… any type of work out usually brings muscle soreness. In some cases, it’s as bad as preventing you from exercising for days later because of the pain. It can arguably be one of the worst parts about training. Many times, however, people will simply go with the quick solution of a pain pill. However, we work so hard to put clean, healthy food into our bodies that we should follow the same regimen with pain relief. There are many healthy, natural, and still relatively quick solutions to prevent muscle soreness from a tough day’s workout.

  1. Water

If you participate at all in the training world you know that water is said to be the cure for all. Drinking water especially can prevent muscle cramps, which are caused from muscle soreness and can make it much worse.

2. Get a Massage!
Getting a massage is not only relaxing but it is therapeutic as well. During a massage the body’s circulation is increased which means more nutrients to the muscles. On top of that, the muscle is also being gently manipulated to soothe the soreness.


Yoga is a perfect way to gently stretch out those tight muscles. Staying in deep poses for long periods of time can cleanse the body and twist the muscles, freeing them of all the toxins inside.

4. Essential Oils

Cypress oil is a great oil to keep around the house for anyone that is constantly active. It is great for aching muscles and is therapeutic for muscle strains and other related pains. Moreover, it’s uplifting essence is known to inspire physical activity. Juniper berry is also commonly used for pain in joints and the muscles. Use the oils directly on the sore area or you can blend it with a

5. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is also a great way to break muscle soreness. A foam roller is a relatively stiff cylinder shaped object that allows you to basically give yourself a massage. What happens is that the roller loosens up the fascia and connective tissue that tightens up after a workout. Rolling your body after, or even right before can warm up your muscles and decrease muscle soreness.

6. Light Workout (Walking)

Believe it or not, participating in a nice walk or very light workout can actually improve muscle soreness. This will get blood circulating through your muscles with nutrients that help it recover faster.

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