Working Out Can Improve Sleep

Working Out Can Improve Sleep

We know that working out is great for losing weight but did you also know it can improve sleep as well? According to a poll done by the National Sleep Foundation 83% of vigorous exercisers said they sleep well compared to only 56% of non-exercisers. But why is this? Activity helps promote healthy levels of hormones, many of which interact with how well we sleep.

The key is to find out what time to workout is right for you, because it is not the same with everyone. If your schedule allows you to work out in the morning or at night, find which is better for you. I know many people that wake up before they go to work and it keeps them awake for the rest of the day. However, I find it optimal for me to workout at night. Studies show that although it is ok to workout at night you should allow up to 30-60 minutes of rest time before you actually go to sleep. Often after a run I’ll do a short yoga session to get my mind clear and to help stretch my muscles as well.

Exercise is shown to not only help you sleep for longer but also gets you to fall asleep quicker and prevents you from waking up constantly throughout the night.

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