Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga

This cold and Flu season is upon us again. I know everyone is taking the extra precautions to keep everyone in the family well. Few people know the many health benefits that accompany a regular yoga practice. For the past several years yoga has become increasingly popular in the western world. Celebrities, athletes, and soccer moms in suburban towns are seen toting their mats to daily classes. We all thought that is was all for vanity purposes…I want arms like Madonna or I want to swing the club like Tiger Woods. Most of us are missing the big reasons why everyone should and can do some type of yoga.

From lowering blood pressure to reducing stress and increasing pain tolerance, the following can be experienced as a result of regular yoga practice.

Organs. Yoga practice massages internal organs and glands, thus clearing the body of toxins that cause illness and disease.

Circulation. Yoga improves blood circulation. This transport of vital nutrients and oxygen provides the body with healthier organs, skin, and brain function.

Blood Pressure. Several poses are proven to lower blood pressure through better circulation and oxygenation of the body.

Immunity. Yoga practice has frequently been correlated to a stronger immune system.

Metabolism. The balance of your practice will also balance your metabolism, which will help to control hunger and result in a healthier weight.

Physical benefits of yoga include: better posture, balanced muscular strength, increased flexibility, and healthier sleep patterns.

Emotional benefits of Yoga are numerous due to the strong mind body connection that one will experience during and after practice.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that yoga stabilizes mood, lowers stress, eases depression and anxiety, and brings about a more positive and stable outlook on life.

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