Ladies Slim Down Group Coaching Class

Ladies Slim Down Group Coaching Class

I believe there comes a time in woman’s life where she doesn’t recognize the person in the mirror.
She feels dissatisfied and disappointed in how she has let her body, health and needs go unattended.
She has spent so much time and energy supporting and caring for others that there is no time and energy left for self care.
She is exhausted and frustrated and because NO ONE INCLUDING HERSELF understands what she wants or needs.
She is overweight; under motivated, and confused as to where to turn for help… maybe another meal, another drink or another prescription will be the answer.
Then that judgmental voice in her head tries to make sense of it …and the list is endless.
~How is it that I don’t remember what I need to do to feel better?
~Pull it together, YOU are an intelligent person, YOU know what to do.
~I had 3 kids; my body will never look good again.
~It is just a natural part of aging, my body is supposed to hurt.
~When you are a Mother everyone else always comes first.
~Who do I think I am? I don’t deserve to have the body and life of my dreams.
UNTIL NOW….At Lori’s Wellness Loft you will finally discover
Your needs are important and you are deserving of being happy and healthy on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). You will be given valuable tools that will help you determine what your body needs in order to thrive and heal. You will be fully supported and held accountable. Most importantly you will learn that easy and possible to change the thoughts and behaviors that have limited you in the past, and it is absolutely within your control to choose another better way to live.
Discover a happier, healthier You!
Please Join us for our first Ladies Slim down group health coaching series this
October 5, 12,19,26 from 7-8 pm COST $199 bring a friend and split the cost,

must call to register by September 23 for the Bogo discount. All registrations there after will be $199 per person

All classes will include: weekly weigh in, Group health coaching lesson, group meditation, group share, handouts, recipes, cooking demos/ tastings and FUN!


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