Change your life with Theta Healing TM

Change your life with Theta Healing TM

Change your LIFE with Theta Healing

If you are anything like most people you may find yourself addressing the same stressors, disease processes or limiting beliefs over and over again. It seems like a repetitive cycle that cannot be broken. Until now… Learn how to heal your relationships, finances, emotions and health with this simple and highly effective process.

Scientists have discovered that while accessing the Theta brain wave frequencies we may: 1. Relieve the effects of stress and anxiety. 2. Produce deep physical relaxation and mental clarity 3. Improve memory, mental clarity, and creative thinking 4. Better synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain. 5. Reduce pain, promote relaxation and stimulate the release of endorphins.

During a session the Practitioner will ask you simply “What would you like to change or heal?” Rather than discussing the rightness or wrongness of a problem, or analyzing the issue over lengthy periods of time, the Theta Healer simply pulls and cancels limiting beliefs or blockages, while consciously maintaining a Theta Brainwave state.  Accessing and consciously maintaining this state allows the practitioner to access the subconscious thoughts and beliefs which are typically blocked by the conscious mind.

Theta Healing TM gets to the root of issues quickly, changing core beliefs at all levels (Subconscious, and Conscious) and downloading new more desirable thoughts and  feelings that may have been previously inaccessible (love, forgiveness, worthiness, confidence, etc.).  As quantum physicists now know, all life is created by the mind. Theta Healing gives us the means to use this knowledge to create meaningful, permanent changes in our lives & the lives of others. Please call today for more information 609-561-5674

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