Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency

Benefits of Massage Improve with Frequency

While getting a massage–regardless of how often–is incredibly beneficial to your mind and body, getting frequent massage treatments is even more powerful as a healthcare ally. Clients who get regular massages demonstrate greater improvement and notice a reduction in pain and muscular tension.

Stress Reliever

One way in which frequent massage can improve our quality of life is by alleviating stress. Experts say more than 90 percent of disease is stress- related, and nothing ages us faster–inside or out–than the effects of stress. As stress-related diseases continue to claim more lives every year, the increasingly deadly role stress plays in modern-day life is painfully clear. Massage is a great way to take charge and reverse the situation.

Preventative Measures

In so many ways, massage is preventive healthcare. It can address injuries, scar tissue, and chronic pain, as well as provide relief for cancer patients. Especially with those that are frequently active, massage can keep the muscles loose so as to avoid injury. Since bodywork influences every system in the body, there are enormous possibilities created by increasing the frequency in which you address those systems.

Body Awareness

Frequent massage puts you more in tune with your body. According to Benny Vaughn, sports massage expert and owner of Athletic Therapy Center in Fort Worth, Texas, one of the benefits of consistent and regular massage therapy is better flexibility. “This happens because regular and structured touch stimulus enhances the nervous system’s sensory and spatial processing capacity,” he says. “That is, the person becomes more aware of their body’s movement in space and becomes more aware of tightness or pain long before it reaches a critical point of mechanical dysfunction.”

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