Physical Pains… Are They Emotional?

Physical Pains… Are They Emotional?

We experience pain many times in our lives, but how often do we really think about why it occurred? Often, we ignore it and simply try to solve the issue with medications. Pains form in the stomach, most likely we assume it’s something we ate and pop a pill. Do we ever stop and think, maybe it’s emotional? The truth is that the emotions you feel have a direct impact on your physical health. The body, mind, and soul are all connected and have great influences on each other. Many physical pains serve as a warning that emotional feelings need attention. Sometimes, physical pains are displayed because the subconscious mind knows something that the conscious mind refuses to accept, or cannot comprehend. Chronic pain, especially, has direct ties with the mind and is often connected with stress. Different areas in the body and certain diseases generally have ties with specific emotional issues. For example, Epstein-Barr Virus is known as the stress virus and is usually found in people that are pushing their limits and have a fear of not being good enough. Hip problems stem from the fear of moving forward with major decisions. Knee problems are often connected with a stubborn ego and pride. Fainting can represent fear and the inability to cope. Headaches are often causes of invalidating the self and showing self-criticism. Whether the problem directly correlates with these causes or not try to recognize that there is a deeper meaning to this physical pain. The body is connected, and it is often easier to “forget” about an issue than directly dealing with it. However, this causes the body to handle it in a different way, which often causes greater harm to your health.

A couple months ago I had suffered from constant vomiting. I couldn’t associate it with any type of specific food or allergy. Eventually, I had to think deeper. Could this be emotional? It turns out nausea is associated with rejecting an idea or experience while vomiting is caused by fear of the new. Looking back, I realized it started a couple weeks before a major change in my life occurred. My subconscious mind knew it before my conscious mind accepted it as the truth. The vomiting was my subconscious’s way of communicating with my conscious mind and warning that something was to occur that I wouldn’t like or accept. One hour session of Reiki was all that I needed to figure it out. Once I realized the issue was in myself, my problem went away within a few days. So the next time you have a headache or your stomach hurts, think, “Where is this coming from?”


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