4 Steps for Creating the Body and Life You Desire

4 Steps for Creating the Body and Life You Desire

1. Get a Handle On Compulsive Eating

*TIP: Eat ONLY for fuel

What is compulsive eating? Am I doing it? Chances are if you are like most Americans and eat for entertainment, to combat stress, or when you aren’t truly hungry, you have been eating compulsively.

2. Drink Up

*TIP: Drink eight glasses of water daily

Most people don’t drink enough water. Believe it or not some people drink no water at all. If you’re like most , you start the day with a Grande Moccichino, followed by numerous soft drinks, fruit juices, and sugar laden beverages.

3. Sleep it off

*TIP: Strive for 7-8 hours a night

Most of my clients are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can lead to feelings of exgustion, anxiety, and frustration. What most people don’t realize is that sleep is so important regarding weight loss and hormone regulation. Some clients see an imediate reduction in weight and improvement in mood, energy level, and mental acuity when they adjust the amount and quality of their sleep.

4. Amplify The Positive

*TIP: Start a gratitude journal

Focus on what is going good in your life. Humans are hard wired, due to survival instincts, to place our focus on what is wrong with our current situation. Everyone wants a quick fix, an instant remedy. End your day by journaling 3-5 things that you are grateful for and see how quickly you feel the positive effects.

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