NEW Fit in 21 Program

NEW Fit in 21 Program

Lose those pounds and firm your body with our carefully designed program that will finally give you the results you’ve been looking for. This 10-week program relieves you from the stresses of going to the gym with small class sizes at an affordable price. It is great for those first starting to workout or those who find it hard to work out by themselves. Our program includes a nutrition plan, before and after pictures, measurements, and weekly weigh-ins along with weekly or bi-weekly workouts. Additionally, participants will receive a free health coaching session along with either a mini reiki session or chair massage. Use this as the push you’ve always needed to finally get to the body that you want. Studies show that those who work out together, either with a friend or a family member, have both a significantly decreased drop out rate and an increased success rate. Join now with a friend and start your healthy lifestyle today!

Start Date: April 11th-June 13th

Monday and Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm



Weekly Workout Sessions for 10 weeks= $199

Bonus- 1 free health coaching session + mini reiki session, or chair massage

Bi-Weekly Workout Sessions for 10 weeks= $299

Bonus- 2 free health coaching sessions + mini reiki session or chair massage



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