Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing technique. Reflex maps of the foot have been found in India from about 5,000 years ago in Buddha statues. It has known roots in Tibet, China, Japan, and throughout Asia as well. This was highly recognized in the ancient world as a preventative treatment and has since moved over to the modern western world.

Foot Reflexology acts as a preventative therapy that helps facilitate stress and pain reduction, and improves circulation and nerve function. Above all, it revitalizes and restores the flow of energy in the entire body to encourage overall health and wellness.

Pressing the reflex points on the foot produces a positive reaction on it’s accompanying organ. Each reflex point on the foot correlates to a specific organ and system of the body. The body is broken up in ten longitudinal lines, five on each side of the body. The start of these lines are at the top of the head and have endpoints in both the feet and hands. The theory is that pressure applied anywhere on the endpoints of these zones affect the entire accompanying line, or zone. Scientifically, since the feet have more than 7,000 nerve endings each, it is believed that compressing the tissue in the specific points transmit nerve impulses through the feet all the way up to the brain, which then communicates with the body to produce these positive changes.

Alternatively, many believe that the lines, or zones are energy pathways. These energy pathways are known as meridians in Traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that reflexology helps keep energy, or Qi flowing freely through the body.

In my opinion, foot reflexology is one of the most calming modalities of massage. Your feet are like the roots to your body, supporting you and grounding you into the earth. For many, the feet have constant pressure on them the entire day, and nothing feels better than getting a nice foot rub. It is extremely important to pay special attention to this part of your body to maintain overall wellbeing.


Try foot reflexology as an add-on to your massage or as a single session!

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