How To Stay On Top Of Your Diet and Exercise

How To Stay On Top Of Your Diet and Exercise

Although it is easy to say that you want to start dieting and exercising, starting and continuing the practice is often a different story. You know the results that you want, but still, it is hard when changes aren’t consistently appearing before your eyes. However, though you cannot see these changes, they are coming about through every healthy habit you pursue. You must keep this fact, and many others, in your head if you wish to fully complete your goals.

First, it is vital to set realistic goals. It is common to fantasize your body in different ways, but it is necessary to realize what goals you can accomplish and the amount of time it will take to accomplish those goals. Next, make a plan. Make an effort to know what you need to do to accomplish those goals if that consists of making a list of foods you can/can’t eat, exercising a certain number of days a week or a specific amount of hours a day. Now that you have that plan, how can you make sure you stick to it? Set reminders on your phone, make lists, and make charts. Setting a reminder on your phone to maybe go for a run that day is not solely to remind you but also to make sure you do it. Take advantage of your phone to be your motivator, if you set it to remind you every hour of the day to go running after work, it might just motivate you to do that. Also, it can be very satisfying to mark something off on a list such as eating a certain amount of vegetables a day. Additionally, it is incredibly helpful to know what things and what people will help you and hurt you during this journey. If you constantly eat lunch with a coworker who eats junk food everyday, you might want to try a different lunch partner for the time being. If you watch a certain show that makes you crave bad foods stay away from that show. When I wanted to make it a goal of mine to go running at least five days a week, I made a specific playlist for myself to pump myself up for my run. I would play it on my way home from work or while I’m getting ready and I would automatically feel in the mood to accomplish my goal. Most importantly, keep it personal. Focus on what you want your journey to be. You know yourself better than anyone else, as long as you truly wish to complete these goals, they will eventually happen in due time.


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