The Power of Crystals

The Power of Crystals

Crystals are not only beautiful but they are believed to have incredible healing powers. Crystals are known to connect with energy frequencies in the body. The energies radiating from the crystals resonate with the body on mental, emotional, and even physical levels. There are a few common varieties of crystals that you might look into using.

Clear quartz crystal looks as the name sounds, clear. Its most common specialty is being able to clear ones’ aura. It is also able to clear the physical surroundings of unwanted influences, increases overall positivity, and increase clarity.

Amethyst crystals are found in shades of purple. These provide special qualities such as aiding in meditation, relieving headaches, increasing spiritual awareness, and also help to balance emotions.

Rose quartz is found in shades of pink. It is known as the heart or love stone. It allows a calming, gentle feeling in the body and heals emotional disturbances, especially in relationships.

Aventurine is found as a deep green color. It is also associated with the heart chakra. It is often considered as protection against negative influences, both physical and emotional, of the heart center.

Lapis Lazuli is found in a radiant royal blue color and is of the Egyptian descent. It is believed to unlock mysteries, otherwise known to allow a person the clear mind to be able to sort through confusion.

Once you’ve found which stone is proper for you at the moment, it is important to learn how you can use it. Crystals can be used in several different ways. Sometimes they are held, other times they are gazed at, or worn around the neck. Often when I meditate I hold my stones in my hands. I also keep one on me, like in my purse, so that I always have it and it can always bring me the energy that I need. No matter how you use the crystals, if it helps you, then it’s the right way.

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