3 Tips for more Health NOW!

3 Tips for more Health NOW!

New Year, New You!

My clients need help creating a work life balance. If you are anything like them I’m sure you will agree. We are all over stressed and over committed, but what most don’t realize is that carving out some time for you and your needs will reap immeasurable benefits.

Tips #1 -Just do something.

Choose an activity that will allow you to feel better now. If the goal is to lower stress levels, Find a relaxation inducing technique and commit to doing it. Let’s say it is meditation. Carve out 5-10 min a day and just do it. Notice how good it feels to be empowered and in control of your life instead of feeling that you are a victim of your current life situation.

Tip#2. Find someone that will hold you accountable.

If it is working out or eating clean, your success rate will be greater if someone is holding you to your commitment. Work out with your spouse, kids or a wellness professional. HINT HINT

Tip# 3-Celebrate your accomplishments!

So many people give up on their goals prematurely. Why? Because they aren’t giving themselves credit for making small and simple changes. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t correct 20 years of poor eating and lack of physical activity in a day a month or even a year. The choice to live a healthful life is a lifelong commitment not just a fad or quick fix. Find out what your body and life is craving and go out and get it.

Only you, the individual, know what you truly need. Once my clients BELIEVE that they deserve to live the best life possible, they will settle for nothing less.



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