Reasons to Meditate and How To Do It

Reasons to Meditate and How To Do It

Have you ever seen someone meditate? They look calm, relaxed, and stress-free. While you’re watching them all you can think is, how on earth are they doing that? A lot of people have a hard time meditating. When you try to let your mind flow silent, it sometimes tends to do the opposite. You start thinking of ideas, or worse, things you need to do later like cook, clean, or do laundry. So why should we even try to meditate? Meditation has many benefits such as fully allowing the body to relax, decreases stress, improves brain function, decreases anxiety, helps improve sleeping patterns, and increases attention span. Meditating can make you happier, help you connect with your body, and can even help decrease depression. Even if you can only find a few minutes to meditate each day, it can be incredibly beneficial.

First, start with your breath. There is a calculated breath sequence that is almost guaranteed to bring you to relaxation. Start with a full exhalation where all the breath travels out of your body. Next, inhale for the count of 4, hold the breath in for a count of 7, and release for a count of 8. Repeat this breath for a few cycles then, retain a steady, slow, deep breath throughout the rest of the meditation. Get into a comfortable position; meditation does not always have to be performed in a cross-legged position. Focus on different parts of your body. Start from your toes and move up the body slowly and feel each different part. Also, notice frustration when it comes up. You might not be able to quiet the mind the first time so be mindful of when the frustration thoughts creep in. At this time, focus more on breath. Another great tip for a beginner is to focus on a candle. It could be hard to hold attention with eyes shut but keeping your gaze on a candle while sitting in a dark room makes it just a bit easier. Lastly, make it a habit. The benefits of meditation will increase each time you do it and will improve when you set aside specific times each day to do it.

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